RPJasper.Org -- Welcome and Introduction

I created my first webpages in 1995 while working for Emory University; at the time the pages were part of the Emory domain. Later on, my first husband, Jeremy Corry, created a domain of his own and my pages moved there. Now (September 2007) it's time for my own domain, something I can maintain and control without having to deal with legacy issues that are ridiculously complicated and emotionally distressing.

Welcome, then, to RPJasper.Org!

First and foremost this site is a place to park content that has been developed (by me and by Jeremy) over the past dozen years. But it's not just archival. Much of the content I developed is badly in need updating; having it here will facilitate that updating. Likewise, over time I expect to be adding new content.

For now, the content will reside in four main subdirectories:


Over time I expect additional directories will be added.

This site is a work in progress, obviously. If you have any comments or questions, please send e-mail to me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Richard Jasper
East Amherst, New York
September 2007